Your Planned Gift Ensures JHSM Will Tell Michigan's Jewish History for Generations

"When your children shall ask their parents in time to come.” Joshua 4:21

JHSM's founders chose this proverb wisely. Since 1959 we have been dedicated to interpreting and highlighting the contributions of our people to our communities, state, nation, and the world.

The Joshua Society is a planned giving program that helps to ensure the continuity of our mission. Joshua Society members have notified us that JHSM has been named as a beneficiary in their will or estate plan.



Join the Joshua Society

By working with your attorney or accountant, you can arrange for JHSM to receive a gift of funds upon disbursement of your estate or assets. By naming JHSM as a beneficiary under your will or living trust, or through an insurance policy or 401K/IRA, you are making a gift to JHSM that will significantly impact our future. Although your bequest will come to JHSM at a later date, your commitment today enables you to find satisfaction and comfort in knowing you have ensured a gift to JHSM.

There are various types of bequests, and our Endowment Committee would be happy to visit with you to discuss in further detail. We will not ask for the amount of your gift, but we encourage you to discuss the intent of your gift with us so that we can comply with your wishes.

If you would like more information about JHSM’s Joshua Society, please email our executive director, Catherine Cangany, PhD.


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